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Neo Day Care Centre


Neo Day Care Centre
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Area photo of Bloemside Phase 2 where Neo Day Care is situated

Neo Day Care focuses mainly on vulnerable children and the elderly. The Sesotho name "Neo" means gift or talent.

Their core services include an after-care programme, parental guidance and support, a soup kitchen and support for early childhood development. The primary beneficiaries consist of about 500 children, 30 elderly and 150 unemployed people.

Neo Day Care operates from within the community. They aren’t just beneficial for the parents of the children who attend Neo Day Care, but with their outreach programmes, information sessions and symposiums they also benefit others. Neo Day Care organises outreach programmes to sensitise, inform, teach and engage the community to participate in their own development. 

Neo Day Care’s mission is to instil a sense of realisation and actualisation for the true release of individual potential. In other words, Neo Day Care realises there is a crisis, in the sense that children do not realise their own true potential. They don’t know what they can do. Neo Day Care wants to assist them in grasping their individual potential.
Neo Day Care’s vision is the maximisation and reflection of the true ideal self in relation to the globe. In other words, the thing that a person has as an individual must reflect the true person. Your actions must reflect who you really are. People are taught that they should be job-creators and not job-seekers. They don’t know their potential and they don’t know that they are capable of creating their own jobs.

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To provide educational child development, foster community engagement and support, as well as to assist and support the elderly. 

Neo Day Care will implement this through outreach programmes that involve family unit visits and intervention.

Neo Day Care uses a hand-on-approach with the parents. They visit family units to see what the situation is (this especially happens when the family is not able to pay the monthly fee). They also visit people in the vicinity to improve societal values and attitudes. 

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The community where Neo Day Care is situated.

Neo Daycare was established by Mr and Mrs Lebaka in 2007 after they realised that there is a need in the community for something like a day care. Mr Lebaka and his wife opened a small day-care centre, consisting of 40 children and two teachers.This was managed by Mrs Letolo, as the matron, and focused on children from poor backgrounds and limited education.

Neo Day Care applied for NPO registration right at the start. In 2010 Mr Pheku was introduced to the board and they reached an agreement to involve other NGOs, NPOs, churches, educational institutions, government institutions, civil societies and the community. The partnership between the above-mentioned institutions and Neo Day Care improved the capacity-building of the Neo Day Care staff and created a better understanding of the role that Neo Day Care plays.

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The core services of Neo Day Care are early childhood development (children aged between 6 months and 6 years).

The children are grouped in classes of babies, toddlers, pre-Grade R and Grade R.

“Children have to feel loved”, says Mr Pheku. When these children feel loved, they assert themselves into a social life by connecting with other children. They socialise with each other and develop a caring nature from an early age. The children also learn to share with others.

Neo Day Care provides basic meals (two meals per day, breakfast and lunch) for the children, but the parents are encouraged to also send food for snack time.

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The secondary services include a soup kitchen. With this initiative Neo Day Care also wants to reach others, particularly parents.

Neo Day Care is also looking at parental guidance and support programmes. Children live with others and are thus experiencings things like negligence, parents with limited education, drug and alcohol abuse and other abuse situations.This programme will be launched in 2012 and will focus on the reforming and teaching of children rights in relation to the community and parents.

They also want Neo Day Care to be a sanctuary for parents. When these parents see wrong in the community, they must have the courage to speak out, and Neo Day Care wants to be a place where they can go to in such a situation. In essence they want to be a community resource in this sense. 

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Neo Day Care wants to train the parents in the same way they currently make use of specialists to assist Neo Day Care with information, and also help train the volunteers. By doing so they want to infiltrate the community and see the community changing. They believe that what they do in the household can expand to the whole community.

At Neo Day Care they teach children good values and morals, but after hours these children hear vulgar words and adults talking badly to them. Adults need to understand that they should treat the children better. This is the main function of the parental programme.

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Contact details:
Moteletsa Paulus Pheku
2384 Phase 9
Bloemside Phase 2, Bloemfontein
P.O. Box 1546, Bloemfontein 9300

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