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Kidz Care Trust and Drop-in Centre at the Park Road Police Station in Bloemfontein
 Description: Kidz Care Trust Drop-in Centre at Park Road Police Station, Bloemfontein Tags: Kidz Care Trust, Drop-in Centre


A new initiative was started in Bloemfontein with the view to keeping homeless children off the streets. The Think Before You Give project was jointly started by the Park Road Police Station and the Kidz Care Trust.  

The aim of this project is to get street children into shelters, places of safety or back to their homes and to discourage the community from giving food and money to street children which in turn encourages them to stay on the streets. 


Description: Mission of Kidz Care Trust Tags: Kidz Care Trust, street children

The Kidz Care Trust is a non-governmental organisation registered as a NPO working with vulnerable street children under the age of 18. They give these children shelter at the Ikaheng Shelter in Roodewal.

Until it is possible for the children to be positioned back into the community, comprehensive care is rendered, including education, sport and recreation, housekeeping, life-skills and religion. The organisation also runs a Drop-in Centre in partnership with the Park Road Police Station for the boys.

Description: Workers at Kidz Care Trust, Roodewal Tags: Kidz Care Trust, street children
Martha Mzizi and Emily Finger take care of the kids at the Ihaheng Shelter

There is also a Drop-In Centre at the Park Road Police Station.

This programme includes the following:

  • Providing meals for the children.
  • The children take showers and change into clean clothes.
  • Basic informal schooling.
  • Sport and recreational activities (playing soccer and board games).
  • The children get spiritual upliftment.
  Description: Kidz Care Drop-in Centre at the Park Road Police Statio Tags: Kidz Care Trust, street children

Description: Fadzayi Matango, social worker involved with Kidz Care Trust Tags: Fadzayi Matango, social worker, Kidz Care Trust

Description: Michael van Heerden, a rehabilitated street child, at Kidz Care Trust. Tags: Michael van Heerden, rehabilitated, street child, Kidz Care
From left: Michael van Heerden (former street child now working with street children), Fadzayi Matango and Dan Hammett from the University of Sheffield

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Contact details:
Ms Fadzayi Matango (Social Worker)
Cell: +27 (0)73 437 8813
113 Kort Avenue, Roodewal, Bloemfontein
P.O. Box 20055, Willows 9320

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